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Public Tickets

Everett download shortcode   King Size WordPress   Updated 5 hours ago   1 Most recent comment from Everett:Im trying to allow my customers to be able to download their individual photos. I used the short code and the download box appears but that's it. nothing downloads.¬† thmpublishing Hiding plus button at botton of video background and removing pause button   King Size WordPress   Updated 7 hours ago   2 Most recent comment from thmpublishing:Hello? Is anyone going to answer this ticket? Liz Crow Slide Show on Home page - stopped   King Size WordPress   Updated 1 day ago   6 Most recent comment from Liz Crow:Hi, I am still having trouble with the ticket system. I am using the html template and not the Ajaz version of it. Attached are a few of the pages of the site and you can see that the page¬†background ... colderby Install setup file   King Size WordPress   Updated 2 days ago   4 Most recent comment from colderby:Thank you for the reply Bryce, I actually think I got round the problem by using a tool to split the XML file into smaller sizes and importing them in smaller parts. Hopefully everything got imported ... jjpharwood Set up   Self Titled WordPress   Updated 2 days ago   1 Most recent comment from jjpharwood:Hi When I first bought self titled (about 2 years ago) there was a really good instructional video to help with installing and setting up. Can you link me to that video again, I can't find it. Thanks