How do I install King Size WordPress?

There are essentially two ways in which you can install King Size WordPress.

The first is through the WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes.

The second is by updating it through an FTP program such as FileZilla or the related.


First you'll want to go to Themeforest >> Downloads and download your purchased theme/item.


Locate the theme/item you've purchased and click the "Download" button.

If you want all the extras (Documentation, Tips, etc) then select "all files & documentation" from the dropdown.

If you're only wanting the theme files, you can select the "the installable files only".


Once downloaded to your computer you will want to "extract" that folder to your desktop.

If you've downloaded "all files" you'll be given a folder structure that is similar to this:

  • Documentation
  • Extras
  • Licensing
  • PSD Files
  • Template Files

This may vary some based on the theme but in reference to KingSize WordPress, this is what you'll see.


The "Template Files" folder will contain all the theme files (both child and parent theme folders).

They will be "zipped" by default for convenience in uploading (smaller in size, so uploads faster).


WordPress Dashboard:

Now if you're using the WordPress Dashboard to upload your theme, you go to Appearance >> Themes.

Inside "Themes" you will see a button (top left corner) to "Add New", click this button.

On the newly loaded page, again you will see a button (top left corner) to "Upload Theme", click this.

It will then prompt you to upload your theme which is located in the "Template Files" folder which you previously downloaded from Themeforest. Inside that, you'll find a zipped folder called "kingsize" and "kingsize-child-theme". If you intend to develop your theme files, you'll want to upload both and activate the child theme for your developments. This way, you can maintain parent theme updates. If you are unlikely to make file changes, then only "kingsize" is necessary.

Once uploaded, it will ask you to activate the theme and once activated, you can begin using it.


If uploading via FTP than you'll want to navigate to your WordPress installation and then to "/wp-content/themes" and inside there will be your current default themes to WordPress. You will want to upload the theme folder here. Take note that if you upload it as a "zipped" folder, you'll require extracting that zipped folder once it's been uploaded. The idea behind uploading it as a zip is it will be faster than if unzipped.


Once you've installed the theme and activated it, you'll receive a notification to install the recommended/required plugins. These are completely optional based on your intended use. Though it is these plugins we recommend to be used with King Size WordPress in one way or another and may extend and benefit your use of the template.


At this point, your theme is installed and now it's time to begin customizing your theme.

We strongly encourage and recommend you read our "Documentation" folder you also downloaded.

You can learn more about the next steps in our other articles, as well documentation and video tutorials.


If you have any problems installing King Size WordPress you can open a ticket for assistance.

If you'd prefer, we can install and setup the theme for you with our Premium Installation Service.

Our installation service includes a same day install for $35.00 if ordered Monday through Thursday.

If you require both WordPress and theme installed, you can contact us today for a free consultation.