How do I update King Size WordPress?

Updating King Size WordPress is relatively simple and straight forward.

Video Tutorial:

It does require you taking a few steps to complete but we'll help you with those.


First, go to Themeforest, log into your account and find your account downloads.

Once in your downloads locate the "KIng Size WordPress Theme" and click "Download".

In the dropdown you want to select "all files & documentation" to be downloaded.

The reason for all files is our Documentation will contain the detailed change logs.

If you want to know what's new and what's happening, it's always inside the documentation.


BEFORE you go about updating, let's first take a WEBSITE BACKUP for safety sake.

This can be done via your hosting environment. 

If running a cPanel hosting environment, it can be relatively easy [see instructions].

We unfortunately cannot explain this as it will vary based on the environment but if you're in doubt about how to create a website backup, contact your hosting provider. They should be able to explain the best and most accurate way of backing up your website. Of course, there are alternatives, such as plugins that help backup your website but personally I've always had more faith in a full site backup verses a plugin that's limited [just my opinion].

So, now that you've backed up your website, let's move forward with updating it...


Website is backed up and latest version of the theme should already be downloaded.

Find that downloaded folder (it'll be zipped) and extract it.

Inside, just like when installing your theme, you'll find the following folders:

  • Documentation
  • Extras
  • Licensing
  • PSD Files
  • Template Files

Inside the "Template Files" folder you will find the zipped "kingsize" and "kingsize-child-theme" folders.

We want to upload the "kingsize" folder to the server and overwrite the existing theme folder.

To do this, we'll have to open up FTP and navigate to your WordPress installation and then to:


Inside themes, if already installed you will find the original (previous version) of King Size WordPress.

We want to upload the newly downloaded "kingsize" folder to overwrite the existing folder on the server.

There are two ways of doing this, just as with the installation explanation.

If you upload it as a "zipped" folder you'll require extracting it on the server and then overwriting it.

If you upload it as an "extracted/unzipped" folder, it will take longer to upload but will do the same.


So now you've uploaded your folder and based on preference, should have overwritten the original.

Your theme will now be using it's latest version and you can confirm this by logging into the dashboard.

Go to "Appearance >> Themes" and you'll be able to see the new version.

Sometimes, due to browser cache, this image and version detail may not have yet updated. So you'll want to clear your browser cache, or if wanting to avoid clearing your cache, you can open the "/kingsize/style.css" and inside that it will also display the currently installed version of your theme.


While not always necessary, we do recommend after updating your theme you go to your Theme Options.

In the scenario we've added new Theme Options with default settings, they may need to be "applied".

To do this, go to "Appearance >> Theme Options" and you can SAVE ALL CHANGES for them to be applied.


That's it. You should now have an updated version of the theme and able to move forward.

If you're struggling with updating your theme, we do offer Premium Theme Updates ($25.00).

When ordering the service Monday through Thursday, it includes a guarantee 24hr turnaround.

If you have any questions we encourage you to open a support ticket and we'll gladly assist.