Troubleshooting Theme Issues

There are some basic steps you can take in helping us troubleshoot your issues.

The first and most important is to usually check your plugins for any conflicts.

Often, if there's an issue with let's say Lightbox loading properly in your galleries, perhaps the image thumbnails when clicked are being opened in a single post/page instead of being opened in lightbox? Or maybe, the background slider is not rotating properly yet based on what you've reviewed in our Tutorials and Documentation, it all looks to be correct.

More often than not, these issues stem from a conflicting plugin you've installed.

So the first thing we should be doing is going to "Appearance >> Plugins" and disabling them all.

Make sure you disable them all, not just a few because you know some work, but disable them all.

Retest the page/post you're seeing concerns with and see if after disabling your plugins the issue is gone.

If it is, then "one-by-one re-enable" those plugins and check the page again to see if it has issues.

Eventually your going to get to that one plugin which is your root source of the issue being caused.

So disable that individual plugin and then re-enable the others that worked.

Generally speaking, this is more often the case than not as a lot of people try installing conflicting plugins.

More often, these plugins are ones that have similar scripts to ours, such as Lightbox (Colorbox, PrettyPhoto, etc). We unfortunately cannot have these plugins running at the same time as our theme scripts because our theme already is including these scripts as a default. So they'll simply conflict. Though we've made available options now to disable the "PrettyPhoto" scripts that are default in posts/pages so that if you do want a similar plugin there won't be conflicts in it.

Next and most often the second cause of issues is buyer-mistakes in editing/customizing their theme.

If you've made any modifications to your theme files, try reverting back to the original theme files again.

If the issue has been resolved on reverting back, then you can confidently say it's due to your changes.

In the event all else fails, this is why support is available.

You need to provide us with as much information as possible to speed up our helping you.

When submitting a ticket for support, knowing the following details help:

  • What version of WordPress are you using?
  • What version of the theme are you using?
  • Have you tested your installed plugins for conflicts?
  • Have you modified your theme files in any way?
  • Provide a link to the page with issues / concerns.

With this information available we can more accurately troubleshoot your issues.

In the event we require login credentials, you can either change the status of the ticket to Private, or your comment in that public ticket to private. Though when sharing information such as login credentials, make sure you set the reply to "Private" so that others are not able to see the information you're sharing on the public forums.