Pre-Packaged Plugins

In the event our theme contains a pre-packaged plugin, it will be included with the theme itself.

For our KingSize WordPress theme, there are 2 pre-packaged plugins that come included:

  1. Fullwidth Audio Player
  2. Visual Composer

When first installing the theme, you will receive a notification at the top after activating the theme:

This theme recommends the following plugins: *** followed by a list of plugins recommended by us ***

In the event a plugin is required (which at this time, none are) it will state:

This theme requires the following plugins: *** followed by a list of plugins required by our theme use ***

Non-required plugins are optional to install based on your needs and can be installed at a later time to.

So if at first you determine there's not a need or use for them, by all means simply "Dismiss the notice".

Down the road, if you decide you want to install and use these available plugins, you can then go to:

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Install Plugins

All the recommended and required plugins will be listed here and available at all times while using our theme.

There will be times when we release an update that is specifically for one of our pre-packaged plugins.

Most commonly, this will be for Visual Composer, but as always, our changes will be listed in the Change Log.

The Change Log can always be found available in the "Documentation" folder of your theme download.

Depending on your hosting environment, updating the theme may not automatically update your plugins.

In this scenario, to update the pre-packaged plugins go to:

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Install Plugins

Here you'll see the updates available and you can click the "Update" plugin option to perform the updates.

Important to note:

As a buyer of our theme, you're licensed to use these plugins with our theme and updates will be exclusively provided by us when theme updates are released. So when a plugin releases an update, we'll push out a KingSize WordPress update as well to reflect that updated plugin version. This will require you downloading the latest version of the theme from Themeforest, and performing your update as you normally would. Then if not notified of the updated version of the plugin on install, go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Install Plugins and you can manually perform the updates here.

If you still have questions or concerns after reading this article, please open a support ticket.