Add Slider Text + Button on Mobiles

By default, on smaller devices the fullscreen slider text + button will disappear.

The reason for this is, it takes away from the slider images on smaller devices.

To maintain the purpose behind the theme and display your images as it's main focus, we didn't want the slider "Title, Descriptions and Read More Link" to disrupt and take away from that purpose and so on smaller devices these features will not display.

There does appear to be some buyers however who still want/require this shown.

So we've created a small walk-through that will help you in making these show:

1. First, backup your website just as precaution (better safe than sorry).

2. Go to your "Theme Options >> Miscellaneous >> CSS Overrides" and add the following:

Add the following CSS:

.slider-desc { display: inherit !important; }

Now make sure to save your theme settings afterward to apply these changes.

3. Now if wanting the "Read More" button to display, it's a little more "hands on".

We'll need to edit a single file to make this happen and encourage using a Child Theme.

Though for simplicity, we're instructing you how to update the main theme files:

Step 1: Open your preferred FTP / File Manager program and log into your website.

Step 2: Locate your WordPress "/themes" directory where "kingsize" is installed.

Step 3: Inside the "/kingsize" directory, locate "header.php" and open it to edit.

Step 4: Approximately line #466 (or search the keywords in the file) you'll find this:

<div class="slider-info-row hide-for-small">

You'll want to remove the class "hide-for-small".

Once removed, save the modified "header.php" file and re-upload to your server.

Clear your browser cache and any caching plugins you may have installed.

Reload the website and it should now display both Title/Description + Read More button.

If there are any issues please open a support ticket and we'll do our best to assist you.